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Successful vessel designs must fulfil our client’s requirements for performance and functionality, yet should simple and economical to construct as practicable. Coral Sea Marine’s professional builders combine their extensive shipyard experience in the vessel design with their naval architecture, marine engineering and project management expertise to create vessels that satisfy all the above pointers.

We implement design for production into our vessels from right from the beginning by considering unit breaks, module weights, and standardizing shapes and other components to the capabilities and production practices of the shipyard building the vessel.

You may experience the need to react to market demands by upgrading and modifying your vessels. Regardless if it’s a minor or major modification, our engineers are well qualified for the job as well.

Throughout the process, we work closely with our clients and the production team in order to deliver a world-class product on schedule. Drop us a note and let us know your requirement. Our consultant will be on hand to discuss with you.

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